Immunisation Hub

Provider Education

The SA Immunisation Hub provide regular professional development opportunities for immunisation providers including GPs, nurses, and pharmacists.

Our suite of education includes:

  • Immunisation Updates: Influenza & Topical Disease/Issue Recommendations
    • Presented by local immunisation leaders, these updates typically cover the incidence, pathophysiology and complications of Influenza and a topical disease locally. 
  • An Introduction to Immunisation
    • Tailored to nurses, particularly those new to immunisation program delivery, these workshops provide an evidence based overview to immunisation provision locally including topics such as basic immunology and terminology, the Immunisation Program and vaccine types, legislation, communication, vaccine and cold chain management, vaccine administration procedures and adverse events. 

Recordings of the latest webinars are available via the resources page.

For more information about these sessions or your practice staff’s immunisation related educational needs, please get in touch with the SA Immunisation Hub team at

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